Did you know the Chinese financial terms?

Basic financial terms: 基本财务术语:
Sales or revenue 销售或收入
Costs of sales 销售成本
Gross profits 毛利润
Expenses 费用
Fixed assets/Property, plant and equipment 固定资产
Intangible assets 无形资产
Non-current assets 非流动资产 (长期资产)
Current assets 流动资产
Current liabilities 流动负债
Working capital 营运资本
Liquidity 流动性
Debtor 债务人
Creditor 债权人
Bad debt 坏账
Depreciation 折旧
Accrual accounting 权责发生制会计
Statement of Comprehensive Income 综合收益表 (利润表)
Statement of Financial Position 财务状况表(资产负债表)
Statement of Cash Flows 现金流量表
Statement of Equity 股东权益表



The above is for general reference only. Please seek professional advice if required.

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