More About Our Services

Accounting Services

Our relationship will begin with an initial meet up to understand your business and bookkeeping needs and agree upfront with you on timeline, documents required and fees. We manage your accounts using reliable accounting software, such as MYOB, Tally or Xero (Cloud-base). We collaborate with you to provide timely financial reporting to run your daily operations and make timely business decisions. We believe financial information should be used to provide timely, accurate and reliable information for business decision in addition to compliance.

Our accounting services include: Bookkeeping, Compilation, Consolidation of Accounts, Payroll accounts, Cash Flow Budget, Assets management, Project budget etc.

Tax Advisory and Compliance

We study your business and offer you tax advisory to minimize your tax in addition to tax compliance work. As a result, we may highlight potential deficiency in your tax documentation and offer you solutions to resolve the deficiency. Last but not least, we actively monitor your company tax datelines and work together with you to avoid late penalty.


Our comprehensive tax services include:

  • Liaison with tax authority, Tax Compliance and Tax Filing
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Transfer Pricing Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Applying for Tax Incentives

Corporate Secretarial

We aim to fulfill all your secretarial needs by providing comprehensive corporate secretarial services:

  • Set up/incorporation of various entities
  • Compliance secretarial services
  • XBRL financial report preparation
  • Registered company secretary
  • Registered nominee director
  • Registered office address services
  • Entry Visa, EP/SP/WP, PR application
  • Organize business conferences and
  • Other relevant business services etc

We will guide you from the date you incorporate your company until the business is 100% operational to avoid non compliance of regulatory requirements and avoid time wasting. Contact us to help you save time and do away with unnecessary worries!

Auditing Arrangement

We work with trusted affiliated audit firms with many years of relevant and comprehensive audit experience and other knowledge. Our audit affiliates perform both statutory and non-statutory audit (Special Purpose Audits and/or Certifications) and deliver the job in a timely and professional manner.

With vast experience in auditing wealth management, event organizers, money changers, money remittance entities, precious metal trading and bulk commodity trading companies etc., you can be assured of our prompt and efficient services at reasonable fee.

Virtual CFO

Our “Virtual CFO” can help to shape overall strategy, direction as we work directly with the top leadership to have a clear understanding of who they are, where they are leading the company, and what they are desiring to accomplish. Our team members have multi facets knowledge in accounting, audit, tax and business management skills to add value to existing decision makers.

Appoint us as your ‘Virtual CFO’ to allow us to work with you to make intelligent and timely business decisions, develop cost-saving measures and highlighting revenue trends which will secure the continued and long-term growth of your business.


Our Services include:

  • Advice on preparing budgets and forecasts
  • Financial analysis
  • Tax optimization
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Recommend reliable control systems

Business Advisory

We also provide business advisory, specialist services such as:

  • Company or Assets valuation,
  • Financial risks analysis,
  • Corporate and Group structuring,
  • Other business services.



基于对客户公司及记账需求的充分了解,以及双方会议讨论,我们将在合作之初关于时间,文件需求和费用达成一致协议。公司应用可靠的会计软件(例如: MYOB,Tally 或 Xero)及时,快捷地为客户出具财务报告,管理报表, 确保满足客户公司决策制定需求。我们秉承理念: 财务信息除了满足合规要求,还应该具备及时,精准和可靠三大特性方能为决策制订所采纳。

我们的会计服务包括:会计记账, 财报编制, 账务合并,工资合算,现金流量预算,资产管理, 工程项目预算等。






  • 与税务机关联络,处理企业税务遵循及呈报事宜
  • 个人税呈报
  • 货物及服务税咨询
  • 转移定价咨询
  • 申请税务激励咨询




  • 成立/组建各种形式的实体
  • 合规型秘书服务
  • XBRL财务报告编制
  • 注册公司秘书
  • 注册公司名誉董事
  • 注册公司地址服务
  • 准入签证,EP/SP/WP, 永久居民申请
  • 组织公司会晤以及
  • 其他相关商业服务等









基于与企业领导的直接沟通,对企业的定位,导向,以及目标获得全面清晰的认识,我们的虚拟财务总监将协助管理层构架企业总体战略和制定决策。 我们的团队拥有会计,税务,审计及公司管理多方面的知识技能,势必为企业决策者提供增值服务。



–    编制预算和预测的建议-    财务分析-    优化税务方案-    现金流分析-    推荐可靠的内部控制系统




  • 公司或资产价值评估
  • 财务风险分析
  • 企业和集团架构咨询
  • 其他商务服务